An Athletic Administrator’s Toolkit

As athletic programs continue to flourish in California, it is incumbent on school administrators, through the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and the State Legislature, to diligently monitor the rules and policies of their athletic programs. Student participation in team sports is at an all-time high and the need for school personnel to ensure that coaches are knowledgeable, not only about the technical skills needed, but also about the standards that place student safety above all else, has never been more important.

To this end, Dora Dome Law has developed an Athletic Toolkit to assist high school administrators, athletic directors, coaches, and parents to effectively and efficiently monitor the safety of the students and the general operation of the athletic teams at the school, while providing a safe, responsible and enjoyable environment for students athletes.

The Athletic Toolkit includes the following tools: Athletic Coach Evaluation Form; Athletic Code and Expectations of Students and Parents; Coaches’ Checklist; Proposed Coaches’ Contract; Emergency Action Plan; Inventory Form; Parent/Coach Communication Expectations; Team Rules; and a list of free online courses developed to assist and educate athletic personnel on successful procedures used in athletic coaching and administration.

By utilizing the Toolkit, administrators will be able to more directly inform coaches, parents, and students of the requirements and policies of the school. Used effectively, schools will be able to deliver clear directions and expectations, while demonstrating actions that will support the goals of the school, and provide a responsible and well-organized athletic program on campus.

This toolkit is free. We hope that it provides a starting point for you to align your current policies and practices with the information provided in these documents. If you need further assistance in implementation in your school or district, please do not hesitate to contact us.